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Keith G. Wright, author and creator of “Ain’t No Joke” Book Series is on a mission to save families, by empowering parents, honoring women, and inspiring teenagers to lead exceptional lives. His book, The Life Of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke, has inspired many teens to take a more serious look at their childhood and their future. He says, “It’s our jobs as parents to turn on the lights in the minds & hearts of our children… and then we’ll see incredible things take place in their lives”.
Born in the south, raised in the north, Wright is a motivational speaker, educational leader, restorative justice trainer, and the son to a single mother, educator, and a truly inspirational woman, Evelyn Wright. From childhood, he gained a real sense of the immeasurable value of women, an appreciation of the importance of our past, and a love for all people of all colors and backgrounds.
“What women give to this world is more than this world could ever do without. I’ve learned that a woman will do, what most men can’t, or simply won’t. It’s an incredible realization that although we’ve been taught that men are stronger, what my mother has taught me and what many women have shown me, is that women lead lives that require ten times the strength of men, stronger lives, much more relevant, significant & meaningful lives… Ten times more loyal, loving and luminous”.
Wright’s “Ain’t No Joke” book series, is centered on the principles of capturing the life you’ve always wanted to live, as a teenager struggling to find your way in this unforgiving world, as a parent attempting to raise exceptional children in a degrading culture, as a teacher educating a distracted and disengaged generation, and as women fighting for respect, equality, and oftentimes mere survival… a rare look at the way our lives are going and a distinctive answer for reversing that trend today and for the next generations.
“Wow…Wow… and again WOW!
Very rarely does a grownup come along who can speak with passion and inspiration to today’s youth in a language that they understand and relate to. But, one thing Keith Wright knows is how to reach his audience. Keith knows how to inspire young people, encourage them, and teach them about their own unique greatness and the power that they possess in the world and their lives. ……BRAVO ! “
– Judy Goldman for TCM Reviews

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