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" and again WOW!

Very rarely does a grownup come along who can speak with passion and inspiration to today’s youth in a language that they understand and relate to. But, one thing Keith Wright knows is how to reach his audience. Keith knows how to inspire young people, encourage them, and teach them about their own unique greatness and the power that they possess in the world and their lives.

In a sincere, down-to-earth manner, Keith Wright brings together, past, present and future to help young people make sense out of their lives, understand their individuality and commonality with others and determine a sense of fitting in and purposefulness in the world they live in. Pulling things together from the foundation of his own courageous childhood, Keith Wright shows today’s teens, in a language they can relate to, the way to live true to themselves and their values.

At a time when so little makes sense, Keith Wright’s “No Joke Teen Truths,” “Top Ten Teen Tips” and “Teen Truth Activity Journals” shoot straight to the heart on how to develop an understanding and an appreciation for self and the world around us.

Bravo !!

Judy Goldman, TCM Reviews


“With practical tips and examples from his own childhood, Keith G. Wright tries to show teenagers how to make the most of their adolescence and follow their dreams. Wright urges teenagers to appreciate their families, make the most of their education, and believe in their own individuality–above everything else. The section on conformity and media imagery alone makes reading the book worthwhile. Wright’s in-depth examination of how the media determines our thoughts is both eye opening and disturbing.”

Kaitlin RM Burkard, ArmChair Interviews “Connecting Authors to Their Readers”


“The Life of Teenagers is an attempt to capture the hearts of teenagers now… Too many teens waste their childhood and, consequently, their early adulthood is tough which can mean that the rest of their life is a product of the opportunities missed when a teenager. Wright is not naïve to make life out to be an easy ride – just go back to the title of the book to see that. Failure happens, but Wright encourages young people to use the experience of failure to grow and advance in life. This is something that adults need to hear!! I think this is a brave book… Maybe we have set our sights too low and Keith Wright is encouraging us to look higher.”

Andy Morgan, Youth Minister Author of two books for teenagers


“…perfectly written for the teenaged mind. The premises and principles were right on target! Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of our future generations.”

Katrina Wiggins, President Mocha Moms of Raleigh


“Keith G. Wright offers good, sound and even Biblical advice to teens… For someone looking for truth and solid advice… Wright calls it like he sees it.”

Kay Tira, Author’s Choice Reviews


“Author Keith G. Wright has written a no-nonsense book that takes a practical approach to tackling perhaps the most difficult topic of all–how to influence teenagers in today’s society. Keith Wright’s book will serve as an inspiration for families trying to guide their teenagers who need a little help in ‘navigating the waters’ from adolescence to adulthood. He has spent time in the trenches and possesses an uncanny ability to get his point across in a way that has realworld applications with his words. He is on a mission.”

Shelley Bueché, Book Pleasures


“Keith G. Wright has chosen a difficult and challenging profession – to inspire teenagers to live exceptional lives. He is a father, stepfather, and mentor to teenagers, and seems very comfortable discussing their world and their issues. He doesn’t infantilize them, nor does he pretend they are just chronologically challenged adults. He finds that elusive place where they live and speaks to them directly and frankly. He acknowledges the issues that teenagers deal with in America today, and tells them the truths that they will never hear on MTV, with applicable vignettes that bring the lesson home…. the fact is that teenagers do want to excel, they want to rise above their circumstances and be part of something big. This book tells them that they’re right to want that, that they can do it, and tells them how.

Laura Curtis, Pursuing Holiness Blog


“The Life of Teenagers “Ain’t No Joke” reminds teens that we are all unique in our own way, that we can all succeed… to follow our dreams and make the best decisions for our future… this book reaffirms our worth. I really enjoyed this book… the author seems to understand the world of the teenager and uses easy to understand vocabulary. I would not change a thing about this book and I give it 4 out of 4. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR TEENS.”

Haley Hodge, Allbooks Reviews


“In “The Life of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke,” Wright speaks to teens with remarkable honesty… holds teenagers accountable for their decisions and encourages them to make the right ones. He wants teens to enjoy their childhood and not rush into the adult world of sex and drinking. Using his own personal experience as a starting point, he encourages teens to respect their parents …and tries to make them understand that often “No” means love. He also takes on popular media, encouraging teens to take a good look at the lyrics of the music they listen to and the entertainment role models they hold in such high esteem.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of “The Life of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke” is when Wright tells teens that “they have no peers.” High school is such a short time in one’s life and to change yourself to fit in there is to lose sight of the big picture that is life. “The Life of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke” is a how to-live manual for teens.”

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Editor of Spiritual Woman


“Wright has written this book in order to help teenagers become all they can be, regardless of the situation from which they may come… from the role of the people in the home who have a big influence on a teenager, to the peers with whom a teenager hangs out, to the Internet’s influence, and on to shaking up the world by preparing oneself through education to be the best person they can become. Wright tries to show teenagers, through the valuable “Teen Truths” that they need to make every minute count of their childhood, because they never will get a second chance at it. He challenges teenagers to be a better person every day. – guard your life, learn from every day experiences, avoid the pitfalls along the way, and go out and conquer the world. The world will, one day, belong to the youth of today. We need strong leaders, and teenagers can make that difference in the world tomorrow. Wright has done a remarkable job in this respect, with all the Truths he has presented in his book. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars.”

Barbara Sanders, Tidbits & Treasures Blog, Homemaker, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 5


“The author touches on several issues that if translated into a letter, would probably read as follows: Dear Teen, Many don’t expect much of you, but I know they’re wrong. I believe that it is because society expects so little of you, that you give little. In this book, I turn that all around. I expect a lot of you and I know you can do it! No matter what society says, you can achieve great things! You were born with everything you will ever need to fulfill your dream already deposited inside of you. However, this does not mean that it will be accomplished without input on your behalf… Will it be easy? I won’t lie to you. No it won’t, but it will be easier for you, than it was for the people in history who paved the way for you through their struggles. Your possibilities are endless and the only one who will be able to stop you–is you! So let’s get started! … Sincerely, The Author.”

D.S. White for Active Christian Media


“This book is filled with down to earth, practical advice for our teenagers. It reaches out to them on their level relating to their daily struggles, temptations and pressures they face… Wright shares many personal examples from his own life to teach each numerical “No Joke Teen Truths”. He doesn’t speak over their head or below; he speaks right to their heart and challenges them to make a difference in their own life one step or truth at a time. Through the use of inspiration, he shows teens what a difference time, effort and perseverance can make in their own life I would recommend this book to all parents who have children, not just teenagers. This book would be a great benefit to read prior to entering into the teenage years, as well, again when faced with the teenage years… achieves his goal of inspiration and encouragement to teens in such a way that when you read this book as an adult you will wish you had this how-to-manual when you were growing up.”

Melissa Waters, Homeschool Mother & Editor of Bellaonline Journals



“A must read for any parent, this book is an amazingly poignant, down to earth, parenting companion… Wright speaks in terms that kids truly relate to and seem to truly understand… Amazingly real, amazingly interesting and most of all, amazingly able to make the teenager stop and think… Something not easily done, even by the best of professionals… This book is a must read for any parent… This is one book I’m going to be going back to over and over again and reminding my 3 teens to read over and over. He just simply knows how to get through to the teenage child. Amazing.”

Beverly Pechin for Reader Views


“…a very powerful and thought provoking book that not only helps parents understand their teenagers, but helps teens understand and better appreciate their parents and loved ones. There are few tutorials available to young people that effectively relates to and encourages them. This is one of them.”

Anthony K. Mootry, The Education Highway


“…so much wisdom in so few words.

This book is filled with good plain old common sense advice that needs to be said… Mr. Wright’s book is a bridge as it helps teens to understand who they are and what they can become… not only for teenagers, this is a must read for parents, preachers, educators, civil leaders… quickens us adults to a wake up call…”

Esther Callens, The Birmingham Times


“The Life Of Teenagers offers and informed analysis of everyday details relevant to teenagers addressing the challenges of youth and inspiring young readers to make the most of their adolescence.

Particularly appropriate for parents to bring to the attention of their adolescent children, The Life Of Teenagers is very strongly recommended as a comprehensive and engaging guide for young readers to understand both that they are not alone, and that their life may be complete, even amidst the terrifying struggles of their evolving identity.”

Midwest Book Reviews


“This book is a relevant read that I shared with my teenage daughter as soon as I began reading. The message is insightful without being over preachy… It opens up dialogue between parents and teenagers allowing them to share and discuss the many issues that our young people are being faced with today. The author has definitely created a platform for effective communication to prosper in today’s families so that real solutions can be developed and achieved.”

Shelley Parris, Author – In the Eyes Of Truth & Publisher – Infinite Possibilities Publishing Group, Inc.


“…a straight forward book about the issues in life we all face and inspires teens to have an integral part in making positive changes for future generations by letting their voices be heard and taking action in order to beat the odds of what society tells them and that they can do great things with their lives. This is a wonderful book I would recommend any teen or parent with younger kids to read.”

Lori Arriaga, Christian Women’s Resources “Where we strengthen the home and family”


“This is a great book to inspire and challenge teenagers to take charge of their lives and make of it what they want. To create goals and to strive hard to achieve them and making the most of life is very important. “You carry within you, today, right now, the most powerful trait ever known to mankind, even to the world… the human spirit”. A great book to help kids understand the many obstacles they will face in life, and how to get over them.”

Christina Lewis, Kids Book Shelf “Bringing Children and books together”


“…very well written and easily understandable. The basic premise is to live a courageous life by making courageous decisions. As the single parent of a seventeen-year-old son, I enjoyed this book a great deal. It said many of the things I’ve been telling my child for years… I think this book needs to be available to every teen in this country as corroboration to what some are being taught at home, and as a building block for those who are not learning these lessons… The author did an exceptional job of offering advice and wisdom clearly and concisely without sounding out of touch or speaking down to his audience. This is truly a great book and yes, I have given it to my teen to read so we can then discuss its lessons in our own home. Thank you, Mr. Wright.”

Ramona for LightHouse Literary


“…serves as a valuable resource in the lives of today’s teenagers… packed with key and vital information to inspire our teens to greatness. Well written and organized, the five chapters touch on the important topics that affect the everyday life of our teens with added emphasis to Keith’s own unique experiences. Further, the reflections section at the end reinforces what has been read. Keith is on a journey and is helping other’s to arrive there as well. I recommend this wonderful book…”

Kevin Wayne Johnson, Author, Give God the Glory! Series


“After reading his book, The Life Of Teenagers, I think he may just be on to something… Keith exclaims to teenagers that it doesn’t matter how tough the world is, how unforgiving, or even how messed up your own family is. He tells them that they can overcome, achieve, and do great things regardless of their circumstances. The book is inspirational. After I finished reading it, I handed to my pre-teen and she didn’t give it back for two weeks. We had some really good conversations as a result as well. It was nice to hear her agreeing with what she read and seriously thinking about her life and future.”

Angel N., The Rogue Angel


“Being real” is one of Keith’s fortes, as he writes about the challenges faced by teens and the battles they must wage in order to succeed in life. He is clear about the choices they will have to make and how their peers will not always be supportive of their choices. Interestingly, he reminds us all that we are all unique and that the idea of facing our “equals” is a myth, for being unique, we have no equal, and thus, no peers. The Life of Teenagers Ain’t No Joke is an excellent read for teenagers… It is a book that empowers our youth, and in their empowerment, these youth will need continued guidance – guidance which will best come from their parents.”

Cynthia Parker, BellaOnline’s Single Parent Editor


“In a world of cultural degeneration and moral depravity, author Keith Wright encourages teenagers to make a difference and make a positive impact on this world, rather than letting the world consume them. In The Life of Teenagers… Wright discusses the vulgarity of hip-hop culture and rap music, the pitfalls of peer pressure, and the struggles of growing up and provides alternatives to succumbing to each. Wright encourages teens to not simply play and waste away their childhood years, but take advantage of all opportunities to learn and experience new things to better prepare themselves for the adult years. Knowledge is the power to unlocking a better future as adults. All in all, The Life of Teenagers… provides insight into the difficulties today’s teens face and how to better handle situations without being too preachy as adults and parents sometimes can be. … I would recommend this book to young people as a guide to put their lives and situations into perspective.”

Eric Foster, YBE Magazine


“Are you a teenager or an adult? Are you looking for a great book to read or to help you with the circumstances in your life? If you are, then The Life of Teenagers “Ain’t No Joke” by Keith G. Wright will benefit you. Even though this book is targeted for teenagers, adults can learn a lot by reading it. I highly recommend it to any teenagers or adults.”

Janet Blaylock, Freelance Writer and Online Tutor